Thursday, 16 February 2017

Two Person Quilts: Sydney Quilt Show 2017

Two-person quilts are welcome at the Sydney Quilt Show 2017 in the following categories:

  • Category 5: Entrant's Quilt Top Quilted by Another (Amateur quilt top maker)
  • Category 10: Entrant's Quilt Top Quilted by Another (Professional quilt top maker)
  • Category 16: Two Person Collaborative Quilt (Open)

Entrant's Quilt Top Quilted by Another

If you enter Category 5 or 10, Entrant’s QuiltTop Quilted by Another, the quilter must be a member of QuiltNSW for the quilt to be accepted or eligible for a prize so now is a really good time to check and confirm the membership status of your quilter. For judging purposes, the main focus will be on the quilt top and the prize is awarded to the entrant (quilt top maker), with the quilter being acknowledged.

Categories 5 and 10 are for quilts where any quilting is done by another person, whether or not payment is received. The quilting may have been done by hand, domestic sewing machine, frame- mounted machine, long-arm machine or computer aided stitching. The services of the same quilter may be used by more than one entrant in these categories. As reported in the November newsletter, entries for categories 5 and 10 are not eligible for Best of Show and the Conditions of Entry have been updated to reflect this.

Fantasia: Dianne Johnstone

First Prize: Commercially Quilted Quilt (Large) Sydney Quilt Show 2016
Fantasia: Dianne Johnstone Quilter: Cathy Davies, the Quilt Studio Gold Coast

Two Person Collaborative Quilt

This trial open category is specifically for two-person collaborative quilts. Any kind of collaboration is eligible for this category including, for example:
  • where both people work together on every stage in the creation of the quilt;
  • where one person makes the quilt top and has creative input in the design of the quilting by another person;
  • quilts made from orphan blocks or antique tops where the original maker is not known; or
  • where a person completed a quilt started by a maker who has died or is no longer quilting.
A quilt entered in this category will count as one of the two entries allowed for each of the entrants. Both collaborators must be current QuiltNSW members, unless the second person has died or cannot be identified. For judging purposes, the entire quilt will be considered.  The prize will be awarded to both entrants together to share as they see fit.

Quilts in the Two-Person Collaborative Quilts category are eligible for the Excellence in Quilting awards and other special and sponsor awards but not the new Best Contemporary Quilt and Retaining the Tradition:Best Traditional Quilt awards where there needs to be an individual maker.

Enter Online Today!

See the Sydney Quilt Show Handbook to start planning your entry. Entries close on Monday 13 March 2017.  Online entry preferred!

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